Life Is In The Air

Liita Care is a med tech company dedicated to making the world a better place – to breathe

About us

Liita Care is a MedTech company focused on Respiratory Health.

We are committed to improve quality of life for patients and healthy consumers by developing and manufacturing new and better therapies and medical devices for respiratory health management.

Together with our top-of-line CRO and CMO partners, we develop and manufacture according to pharmaceutical standards.

Our vision

There is a direct correlation between respiration and quality of life. Despite this, inhaled airborne pollutants, pollen or viruses result in limited vitality for billions of people every day.

We regard this global challenge as an opportunity to create value by helping people breathe better.


It is the Liita Care vision to be a defining contributor to the global respiratory health market.

Our mission

The Liita Care mission is to invent improved ways and means to manage respiratory health. 


We do this by identifying key challenges for patients and healthy consumers and by working with leading scientists, designers and manufacturers in developing new and improved solutions to these challenges. We base our innovation on the latest scientific research and consumer insights from our commercial partners.