Breathox® is non-pharmaceutical and has a triple mode of action: 

Antibacterial - The dispensed NaCl has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 
This results in mucolytic, bronchial drainage and sanitary acting, anti-inflammatory effects on the respiratory tract.

Physiochemical - Due to the osmotic effect of Breathox®: 

1.  Increase hydration of secretions. 
2.  Draws-out excess water reducing the edema of the in the mucosa.
3.  Enhance airway clearance by weakening the bonding of mucous to surfaces (stickiness) and the viscosity (thickness) of mucous in the respiratory tract.

Mechanical - The salt aerosols helps in cleaning the airway system from excess mucous, crusts, dust, debris, pollutants, allergens, germs in a natural way; 
- Negative ions revive and speed-up cilia beat; hence, the mucus layer move faster and restore the respiratory clearance.