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LIITA Care enters an exclusive distribution agreement with Apotekernes Amba for BREATHOX®

BREATHOX® is a Danish invention, that allows the user to inhale micronized salt. This new treatment form clinically proven to clean the airways and relieve airway irritation. The parties' joint focus on innovative quality products that can make a difference in the health of Danes is the cornerstone of the collaboration.

"We see BREATHOX® as an innovative product in the pharmacy's cough and cold category, where it will be a significant addition to our portfolio. BREATHOX® is relevant for many who seek help at the pharmacy, as the salt inhaler can be used alone for symptom relief in e.g., colds, bronchitis or hay fever, and in combination with medicine prescribed by a doctor for people with e.g., asthma or COPD. The cooperation agreement with LIITA Care also strengthens our overall strategy, where the focus is on a combination of well-known pharmacy classics and newly developed, clinically proven products, which are sold exclusively at the pharmacy", says Jun Rosendahl, director of Apotekernes A.m.b.a., which is behind the pharmacies' own brand, Apotekets.

Apotekernes A.m.b.a. has also secured the rights to new products that LIITA Care is developing within salt inhalation. The intention of the collaboration is to spread knowledge about the beneficial health aspects of this new way of alleviating respiratory symptoms, and at the same time to ensure consumers the best advice.

"Our ambition with BREATHOX® is to provide consumers with an alternative to the existing treatment forms that is not based on complex chemistry with increased the risk of side effects. Our idea of using a simple and natural compound as salt for cleansing the airways stems from empirical knowledge about salt's ability to support the body's physiological functions, and to limit bacterial growth. BREATHOX® as a treatment form can benefit the majority of consumers in the Cough&Cold segment, but they need to understand the benefits of the treatment to the traditional treatment forms. For this reason, we see Apotekernes A.M.B.A. as the optimal partner and marketer of BREATHOX® to the Danish consumers. We approach the collaboration with equal amounts of humility and excitement as we look forward to a mutually fruitful collaboration", says Martin A. Ohrt Ohrt, CEO and Founder of LIITA Care.

BREATHOX® will be marketed under the name Apotekets BREATHOX® and sold exclusively at all Danish pharmacies.

About LIITA Care

LIITA Care is a late-stage biotech company dedicated to the development of new treatments that improve the lives of people suffering from respiratory diseases. Our patented technology, BREATHOX®, uses NaCl microparticles in a new and consumer-friendly form of treatment that can potentially be used for respiratory infections that affect more than 80% of the world's population each year. Our mission is to contribute new and better solutions for cough and cold patients in the global over-the-counter medicines market.

About Apotekernes A.m.b.a.

Apotekernes A.m.b.a. is a cooperative owned by Denmark's pharmacists. Based on the pharmacies' knowledge, professionalism and strict quality requirements, we develop, purchase and market Apoteket, the pharmacies' own brand with more than 270 products for personal care, health, and well-being.

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